There are several reasons why hundreds of Shopify merchants use their own Sendle account instead of Shopify Shipping. See why:

  1. Only way to accurately quote shipping prices – When you use your own Sendle account, quotes can be generated using exact weight and volume from dimensions. Shopify does not store dimensions but the Sendle app by Joovii does, therefore both weight and volume can be used in quoting for a more accurate shipping price.
  2. Avoid foreign exchange mismatch / risk – Using your own Sendle account gives exact AUD rates from your Sendle plan for quoting and booking. By comparison Shopify shipping charges a USD price, which is ex GST. The AUD price shown is only an estimate. This is only an estimate because the actual AUD cost depends the exchange rate at the time you pay your shopify bill, plus any foreign transaction fees applicable by your card provider.
  3. Shipping cost is lower once you receive GST input credits – Shopify does not charge GST as they are US/CA based. Sendle does as they are an Australian entity. You should therefore consider that there is a GST input credit available on your direct Sendle shipping costs but not for Shopify Shipping. This reduces the effective cost of direct Sendle pricing which is an important factor for comparisons.
  4. Shopify Shipping Quotes and Costs will not match – If you use Shopify Shipping rates for quoting, but then charge that rate to the customer, you will need to remit GST on those quoted rates charged, but then will not receive any input credit. This short changes merchants who are trying to cover shipping cost exactly on every order by around 10%.
  5. Work towards a better Sendle Plan which gives cheaper rates – Merchants using their own account will as they grow become eligible for Premium and then Pro plans. These plans offer significant discounts over and above the rates of Shopify Shipping and so by demonstrating to Sendle your value and building a history you will have a good case for a better plan.
  6. Simpler management of claims and returns – When using Shopify shipping you need to raise issues like claims and returns via Shopify, who then take the case to Sendle. This slows down the process compared to having a direct relationship with Sendle whom you can contact and resolve issues.