Shopify App Pricing For Sendle

This app provides the ultimate connectivity between shopify and Sendle. By integrating Sendle with your shopify store, you get instant shipping quotes, order confirmation, and easy tracking updates.
To use this app you need to sign up for an account with Sendle. Shipping costs will be charged by Sendle and will vary based on the size/weight, source/destination of the packages sent, and your account plan.

#Premium:Create Sendle shipments without leaving Shopify, synchronising customer and order data directly to the Sendle booking. The App provides Sendle labels for download and printing and applies all tracking details on the order.


$10 USD/month

  • Calculates Sendle Shipping Rates in Checkout.
  • Supports Australia and United States Merchants.
  • Calculates shipping for multiple over Sendle’s max weight limit (Multiple packages).
  • Merchants can add a handling fee to shipping quotes.
  • Includes International shipping rates (currently from Australia only).
  • Support from Joovii.
  • Book Sendle shipments from within Shopify.
  • Select from 2 Booking Options:
    • 1. From Order List in App
    • 2. Automatically when orders are received
  • Pick up and Drop off options supported.
  • Set pickup delay. Number of days in the future that the pickup will be scheduled.
  • Set sender and receiver pickup instructions.
  • Enable/disable customer notification when a shipment is booked.
  • Updates order fulfillment section with tracking number and tracking link.
  • Customer notification email sends with tracking number and tracking link.
  • Download / Print sendle label from Shopify Orde.
  • Generate Sendle Booking automatically if Order booking mode is set to “Automatic”.
  • Inserts notes in admin order timeline about the order booking process.
  • Cancel sendle shipment function available on Shopify order.