User instructions for Startrack 

This app provides the ultimate connectivity between shopify and AusPost. By integrating AusPost with your shopify store, you get instant shipping quotes, order confirmation, booking shipment download shipping labels and easy tracking updates.
To use this app you need to sign up for an account with AusPost .
Shipping costs will be charged by AusPost and will vary based on the size/weight, source/destination of the packages sent, and your account plan.

1. Showing shipping rates at checkout

To show the Auspost shipping rates at the checkout you need to complete 2 step –

  1. Simply install the app and then connect to mypost business account or enter API Partner Token Manually in the app setting page. Or to get mypost business api Partner token  click here.
  2. You have to enable Carrier Calculated Shipping in your store. If it’s already enabled then It will show in your dashboard like the screenshot. If it’s not then please follow the INFO & click on HELP link. 

2. Manage Accounts

Under Australia post there are other shipping method like eParcel & Startrack, Merchant can enable eParcel account for that you will need to setup with the Australia Post Shipping & Tracking API.

After configure startrack Account From the settings page you can add/edit startrack account details, update other settings like Bulkbooking rate selection settings, Domestic Settings & International Settings, add/edit package details, manage services & Generate label samples inside your eParcel Business portal.

Also can enable or disable account, like the screenshot.

Edit Account :  From Edit Account you can add a name of the account and connect with mypost business account or connect manually by enter API partner account. Or click on the link to know how to get mypost business API partner token.

Settings : From settings merchant can add/edit Bulkbooking rate selection settings & domestic Settings. For Bulkbooking rate choose any one of this – 1.Select as the customer chose in the checkout or 2. Select from the auspost service. Also add/edit Domestic settings which will be applied by default to all domestic orders using this carrier. Each setting can be overridden on an order.

Packages : You can add / update package details like name, length, height, width, weight & status. also can delete Custom-Packages.

Startrack Manage Services Rates are based on your customer’s address and the weight and dimensions of their order.

Startrack Packaging Type:

Startrack Label Format: In order to add your account you will need to setup with the Australia Post Shipping & Tracking API & generate label samples inside your Startrack Business portal

3. Manage Order 

You can manage the order list from Manage Order  > Orders.
From the order list you can view order details & book shipment, track shipment & print label.