In our wp sendle App, we have an option to enable / disable Unlimited satchel booking. It’s called the “unlimited satchel” product and for items that exceed 500g but fit in the Sendle branded satchels, they can be sent using the 500g satchel product and price.

So for 600g or 700g packages merchants can forcefully book the 500g satchel to reduce the cost.

Basically if the merchant ‘Enable Satchel, they can put products of unlimited weight in the satchel and pay only the 500g satchel price. For example, If the product weight is 1kg it forcefully chooses 500g & costs only 500g Satchel Price.

This concept can also be applied to quoting in the checkout.

Satchel Configurations are listed below :

  1. Enable Satchel : Check for enable or leave blank for disable.
  2. Satchel Mode:  Enable Satchel for Booking or Quotation or for Both  
  3. Satchel Threshold Weight:  For satchel the weight is less than 500g.
  4. Satchel Threshold Quantity:  Threshold quantity to enable satchel.
    If there are 3 items in order and threshold quantity is 2,  then satchel will not be visible in admin order, But if the threshold quantity is 3 & the order items are 3, then it will be visible. 
  5. Enable Satchel Booking Link in Admin : This will enable a link in the admin order details page to book satchel .

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