In Shopify there are 2 ways to quote and ship with Sendle.

  1. Use your own Sendle account which can be connected to Shopify via the Sendle Shipping Joovii App
  2. Purchase labels from Shopify, who resells Sendle as Shopify Shipping

What does it look like when you book with Sendle via Joovii’s App

The Joovii app has its own order list with all shopify orders which can be selected for booking. The prices is shown along with confirmation of the size before the booking is placed and label available for printing.

What does it look like when you book with Shopify Shipping?

Shopify shipping is used by selecting Buy Label on any order in the shopify orders list.

Why would you use your own Sendle account instead of Shopify Shipping?

See this article for full list of benefits of using your Sendle account.