While offering free shipping to customers is definitely an attractive approach to maximise conversion rates, many merchants have lower price products which are not in the zone where free shipping is expected or achievable.  So in that case the objective becomes to offer a shipping price as low as possible to keep up conversions, without subsidising it.

  • • Most stores aim to achieve a $10 flat rate or lower, and to do so, seem to subsidise the shipping costs by about $2-3 on average.  Obviously it’s not nearly as bad as subsidising the entire cost, but if we can eliminate that loss we should.
– While both Sendle and Auspost offer Band based savings to encourage you to choose one or the other, both have their strengths that mean a combination of both will get you the lowest price in overall.   Sendle offers the lowest possible price overall but becomes expensive when shipping to regional and remote areas.
– For merchants shipping products that are relatively small, both Auspost and Sendle have flat rate packages that are offered at a few dollars discount compared to using your own packaging.    These are products like Flat Rate Satchel Small 5kg and the Sendle unlimited Satchel which allows any weight to be shipped for the 500g price as long as it fits in the sendle branded satchel.

  • • While most merchants tend to be metro based shipping to metro and regional areas.  An increasing number of merchants are shipping from the regions.  In this case drop offs with sendle are a good option as well as with couriers like aramex.