Where do i find my Sendle ID and API key

The following link provides instructions on how to locate your Sendle ID and API key inside your Sendle account area on the Sendle website: https://support.sendle.com/hc/en-us/articles/210798518-Sendle-API Once you have these 2 credentials they can be saved into the app / plugin and your account is connected to your store for quoting or booking purposes.

Set product attributes for length,width,depth

Go to Admin->System-> Configuration ->Sales ->Shipping Methods ->Sendle API -> then set product attributes for length,width,depth and Save If “Use Sendle Attributes” = yes then system will use the sendle attributes for (depth, length and width) which has been created at the time of module installation and assigned it to default attribute set. The attributes names are “sendle_depth”, “sendle_length” and “sendle_width”. If you are using different…