List of Features:

  • Connect orders to generate shipments in Sendle.
  • Receive tracking ID from Sendle and store on order and shipment.
  • Show real tracking information in the admin and customer account from Sendle API.
  • Admin can use this app in sandbox mode, there is an option in admin to set it.
  • Generate sendle booking when ready vs automatically on order.
  • Admin can add a Shipping quote markup %.
  • Admin can set default “pickup instructions”.
  • Admin can set “pickup days delay”.
  • Admin functionality to define when admin wants to send order to Sendle, there are 3 end points:
  1. Book shipment when an order is submitted by customer in the frontend.
  2. Book shipment when store admin changes the order status to shipped.
  3. Book shipment directly into the sendle site.


Demo Store:

code: p5lbhtff1a

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