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Sendle delivers parcels door-to-door across Australia at flat rates cheaper than post. Save time with fast ordering & easy tracking.

This extension allows you to send mageno orders to sendle API dynamically and creates necessary shipment in admin and also customer can see real tracking from sendle API.

Demo :

Admin Details:

Admin User – admin
Admin Password – admin123

Additional Info :

How to get this extension:

List of Features:

  • Connect Magento orders to generate shipments in Sendle.
  • Receive tracking ID from sendle and store on magento order and shipment details.
  • Show real tracking information in the admin and customer account from sendle API.
  • Cancellation of sendle orders if admin cancelled via magento admin.

Additional Features:

  • Generate sendle booking when ready vs automatically on order.
  • Auto-fill suburb and postcode in the estimate shipping and billing/shipping address section.
  • Admin can add a Shipping quote markup %.
  • Admin functionality to define when to book shipment via sendle, there are 2 options.
       1. On order submission event [system will also create shipment in magento system ].
       2. On shipment creation by admin event.
  • The extension creates 3 optional attributes for Product length, width and depth.
  • There is an option in the sendle extension admin [admin->configuration->sales->shipping method->Sendle API ] to select if you want to use your own Product attributes for length, width and depth.
  • Admin can also specify custom Product attributes name for length, width and depth.
  • Admin can also change Length Unit.
  • Admin can also change Weight Unit.
  • Admin can also set Download Label Size[A4 or Cropped].
  • Admin can also set default “Sender Pickup instructions”.
  • Admin can also set Default customer pickup instructions.
  • Admin can set “pickup days delay”.
  • Admin can set Sender Name, contact number, address, suburb, state, postcode.

Release notes:

  1. sendle_magento_extension_1.01 :: Basic extension feature
  2. sendle_magento_extension_1.02 :: Added auto generated zip vs city and also added state dropdown
  3. sendle_magento_extension_1.03 :: Added print label and pickup days delay
  4. sendle_magento_extension_1.04 :: Added “Book Shipment on” with “Order Submit” and “Shipment Submit”
  5. sendle_magento_extension_1.05 :: Added shipping quote markup
  6. sendle_magento_extension_1.06 :: Added handling fees
  7. sendle_magento_extension_1.07 :: Rectified :: showing handling fees for no shipping
  8. sendle_magento_extension_1.08 :: Added the following
    1. Show the rates in frontend [If not then the rates will not show in frontend but backend process will work for other shipping method]
    2. Post to Sendle API for the selected shipping method [Flat rate and Free Shipping]
    3. Enable Log