Woocommerce Sendle Premium Plugin – Now Available

Download Here

Joovii’s new Sendle Premium Plugin is a completely new plugin which includes all the features of the existing free plugin along with many new improvements including:

  • Prices displayed before booking
  • Bulk Booking
  • Multi Parcel Bookings
  • Default package settings
  • Express Option where available
  • Pickup and Drop off Options
  • International Shipments
  • Compatible with latest Woocommerce and HPOS
  • Dimension based quoting and booking

Beta Trial – July 2024

For merchants willing to participate in the Beta Trial of the premium plugin we are offering 3 months free. This can be claimed using the code: SENDLEBETA when commencing the subscription. During this period we request any feedback or issues to be communicated via our contact form.


Joovii Woocommerce Sendle Plugin is available on a Monthly or Annual subscription following a 14 day free trial period. Charges will apply only to the premium plugin itself and no per label or shipment costs are applied by Joovii.

Monthly – $9.95

Annual – $99.95

Installation Notes

1. Just download the ZIP archive and unzip it inside the “wp-content/plugins” folder

2. OR, you can click on “Add New Plugin” button on your “Plugins” page and manually select/upload the downloaded ZIP.

3. It is recommended that you deactivate the previous versions of Sendle Shipping Plugin before using this new plugin.

4. Also, make sure, you add this new plugin to your Shipping Zone. Shipping Zones can be configured in “Shipping” tab within WooCommerce Settings menu.