At first disable the sendle for the frontend if you want to use it only for other shipping method.
You can see a setting in wp-admin-> woocommerce-> shipping -> sendle setting like “Show the rates in frontend”.
Please uncheck it.

Now you can also see a setting in this page like “Post to Sendle API for the selected shipping method”
Please choose “flat rate”, if you want to use it or choose “any method selected by the customer” if want use a shipping method  rather than sendle, flat rate or free shipping.

How Can I configure the plugin to just send my order data to Sendle and use Sendle to generate the labels? I don’t need to display Sendle rates on the website, in fact I prefer to use the flat rate shipping I already have in place. But I need to send order info to Sendle so that I’m not manually copying and pasting addresses.


Now go to wp-admin-> woocommerce-> order -> details page.
In this order details page you can see a sendle box at right side with a print label link.

sendle setting download label

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