Sendle settings In WP

The Sendle shipping settings can be found here :

Go to Dashboard >> WooCommerce >> Settings >> Shipping ->Sendle.

Here you need to select the mode Live/Sandbox, Title, Sendle ID, API Key, Pickup Suburb & Postcode, Plan name Easy/Premium/Pro and License key.


Mode : There are two mode Live/Sandbox.

Sendle provides access to a sandbox server at You will need to create a new account for the sandbox server – just like you did for Sendle and set up a sandbox credit card.

Any orders created on the sandbox server will be created in the test mode, they will not result in actual consignments that can be used to send a parcel. Using a valid credit card in Sandbox will not work, so please review Stripe’s test credit card numbers.

Title : A title to display as shipping method.

Sendle ID & API Key : This can be obtained from here.

Pickup Suburb : Suburb must be real and match pickup postcode.

Pickup Postcode : Four-digit post code for the pickup address.

Plan Name : Without authenticating, the API will give quotes for all publicly available plans by default. If plan_name is specified, the API will respond with a quote for just the given plan. Current available plans are Easy, Premium, and Pro. For authenticated requests, the API always returns the quote for the account’s current plan and ignores plan_name.

License key : This can be obtained from the order email for the plugin purchase.


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